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I like this

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RS-R lowering springs for the Corolla Hatchback. This one is -1.2" front, -1" rear. They also make -2", -2" but it looks goofy to me with too much tuck on the wheels:

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I think the 1" drop may end up being my first mod on the Corolla. RS-R and BC racing also make adjustable coilovers for it which I may spring for when the stock shocks wear out depending on how hard I am autocrossing it. All in getting it a bit lower would be nice to eliminate a bit of the 8" of front bumper clearance and 3" of wheel gap.

I do still want to do a short shifter on it too but there is still an annoying lack of kits showing up in my google results. TRD japan has one which shortens the shift by physically lowering the knob but I like the height of the shifter so I want to find a kit which shortens the throw at the linkage.

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