Just 5 grand, though the bare frame is just a hundred below $4k, and I want to install custom triathlon aero bars or something similar, so I can use it for top-speed runs.

I think the Giant is enough aero-road bike for me, but I would also love to have this one, but in Prussian blue.


26”, because fuck you split times, I’m gonna do a triple bike flip off an 80-foot sender (but this is mostly I find even 650B’s too big for me, and even this I wanna apply the supermoto treatment. I’m 5’7”). But before that, are there hybrid on/off-road tires for these kinds of bikes? I’d like to know, as well as all-weather and/or all-season ones.

There. My two-bike setup. Oh, whoops, I forgot a commuter one.


Alright, perfect. I’m all set.