Well, I tried to not wait like 2 years between posts like I did the last time I semi-quit Oppo. Actually, quit isn’t the right word, I just went MIA because life got in the way. Anyways, the same thing has kind of happened but to a lesser extent. So I’m just trying to keep up appearances.

Not that anyone probably cares too much, but I got a new job, which I think I mentioned back in April or May, or you could see the post to the left. It’s a gov’t job doing cool stuff with submarines. The downside is I have a limited ability to reach the outside world at work , and I mean to the point that I have to lock my cell phone in an adorable little locker outside of the *vault* I work in. Because you know, submarine stuff. It’s not like the previous cushy gig where I got paid lots of OT to go fix Canada’s problems and had lots of time to read and post here when I wasn’t doing that. But there’s going to be a lot of cool travel, I’ll try to keep the hive updated.

In other news, Mrs. Snuze and I *FINALLY* bought a house. We’re going to be in Great Falls, VA. Snazzy, I know. I’ll be about 10 minutes from Katie’s Cars n Coffee. Now, I’m sure you all are wondering, and yes, it’s got a garage. Two cars, even. That means one bay for her, and one bay for my project car! I’ve pretty much already decided I’m just going to buy my ‘90 to ‘92 IROC-Z once I recover financially from THE AWFUL PROCESS OF CLOSING ON A HOME. Seriously, it seems like about every 3 days SOMEONE needs $500 for SOMETHING. We don’t actually close until October 16th and I’ve already sunk $1735 into this thing, not including my earnest deposit (another $4,000), nor all the time and gas money. She put up another $4,000 towards the earnest, and we’re probably still going to have to come up with about another $3,000 at closing.

Also, please don’t misconstrue the above as bitching, I’m really excited to be in a position to even buy a house. I just find the whole ordeal incredibly frustrating because WHY DOESN’T ANYONE TEACH YOU THIS IN SCHOOL? Like, you know what would have probably been more helpful to me than “Pre-Columnbian South and Central American Art and Artifacts”? A class on how to buy a freaking house, including the difference between interest and APR, what amortization is, what an escrow is for, how to evaluate mortgage offers, and explain what the hell a title company actually spends that $1735 on so I know I’m not getting screwed.

Still, it will be worth it to have that garage. And a home for all my pew-pews.