I’ll count this as a win.

My wife has agreed to let me test drive a TourX.

The saga is described here:


Local dealer (across the street from her workplace) just got in a silver Preferred trim model. They have it overpriced but I figure I can test drive it and get a feel for the car and see if I love it as much after driving it.

My words: “There’s a Buick wagon at Don Moore. It isn’t the top of the line model and they’re dumb and trying to sell it for too much. But, maybe could I drive it and get a feel for it?”

Her words: “I guess.”


My only worry is parts availability for the future. With Opel being bought by Peugeot, this model’s time is limited. Do you all think getting one serviced or worked on in the future will be a pain in the rear?

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