I’ll post this video link as a “food for thought”, only because there’s some chance of the video being taken down soon. “Big Solar” (aka Musk’s Minions) have apparently gotten the theatrical release and distribution pulled over what they claim are “mis-statements” in here. I’d normally be loathe to side with Michael Moore, but this work does underscore some of the *ahem* inconsistencies in the EV-Green-Solar-BioMass industrial complex. The film-makers might make some over-statements along the way, but there’s an easy fact check on other stuff they clearly get right.

Ivanpah is a hot button for me, only because I drive past it so often (it’s in the desert near Vegas) and the grotesque nature of a “100% solar” facility that’s actually a natural gas plant in disguise? It’s nauseating to see the double-standards at work (and subsidies employed) to justify some bizarre projects that are dirtier than what they replaced. That segment starts at 31:10.


Then there’s the whole “biomass” charade. They devote quite a bit of time to that sleight-of-hand. It’s interesting to see their research on how “notable green industry leaders” (you’ll see some very familiar names saying some really nutty stuff in that segment) are pushing the concept of chopping up forests to burn to make electricity to charge electric cars.

Anyway, I don’t treat any of this as gospel, but will say that it underscores some of the “excesses in claims” made by the EV crowd... the reality in the world is much, much uglier. One, easily verified, claim herein is the resulting fossil fuel pollution reductions increases after the “closure of so many coal plants” in the last ten years. If this doesn’t cause one to furrow their brow and squint? It’s hard to take, especially since you know The Sierra Club is driving “Beyond Coal”, but oddly looking the other way at biomass and new natural gas to run electric cars. The producers correctly point out that we’ve built twice as much natural gas plant capacity (mainly because solar is so unreliable— and lacks storage) as we’ve retired in coal. There is a real chance we’re heading the wrong way. Fast.


So, I treat this as “a different perspective” and something to contemplate. The fact that “Big Solar” is hitting back so hard? Makes me want to watch it again.


Oh, and a picture of the future— Ugly, Tree-Powered CyberBioMass Trucks.

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