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I’m switching my truck’s insurance to Hagerty for a few reasons. I won’t get into that now, but the little sales pitch from my agent was comical. Reading directly from marketing materials, she says, “Oh and one nice benefit of Hagerty Plus is you get a guaranteed flatbed for your classic car! It’s not like AAA, they’ve got their own fleet and they will guarantee a flatbed for you in the event of a breakdown.”

[jim_carrey_oh_reeeaaaalllyyy _dot_gif]

Ok, first of all, I highly doubt Hagerty literally has trucks all over the place. They contract with tow companies like AAA does. Most of those companies are probably the exact same ones, it’s not like I live in a populated area. Second, MOST tow companies have flatbed (aka rollback?) trucks anyway, because so many cars are AWD these days and can’t be lifted by one end and dragged around without messing things up. And third, my truck IS one of the kinds of vehicles you could tow by hanging up on 2 wheels. Not to mention, I’m not terribly worried about it getting scratched.


But wait, it gets better. She sent me a nice little marketing PDF with an image at the top, showing me what I’d be getting for my $35.00.

Illustration for article titled I LOLd

This is where I laughed out loud. My truck looks WAY more like the one on the right than the one on the left. In fact, if mine were a little rusty and had a tow hook, you could use IT as the image up top. I tried to explain to her why I thought this was funny, but she wasn’t really getting it. I just said, “Yeah I don’t need this coverage, thanks.”

The best part is that Hagerty is cheaper than my old insurance, and has better coverage. They understand values of classic vehicles, and there’s $0 deductible on comprehensive, collision, and glass. I do need a new windshield.... hmm...

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