So I was driving home around 10:30 last night and my town was basically deserted. Going through the square, I dropped my speed to 35mph because you never know when someone will just randomly step off the sidewalk and there's typically a cop at the only open bar.

Cue Johnny Douchebag and his Wrangler five feet from my back fender, lights in my face. REALLY DUDE? Where did you even come from?!?!

Next light split into two lanes followed by a merge back into one lane. I rolled forward a bit, just lounging in neutral because the light is notoriously long and terribly timed.

He crept forward.


Now, I've been cut off and almost run off the road multiple times over my life at this specific section of road. The merge is not's not sudden but the reactions typically are. When it comes to the choice to blow through the merge or crawl through in order to avoid an accident, I prefer the former.



I found it hilarious, not sure why.