Where to begin.

Someone had clearly keyed the car on the passenger car from headlight to the hatch. Something something BMW parking.

Both door panels weren’t even properly attached. Interior trim pieces were all fallen off. Everything was brittle. It was literally falling apart.


The bead around the windshield was completely rotted, to the point where you could see the finished edge of the glass.


When running, the entire cabin stunk of coolant and burning oil. You couldn’t sit in it without feeling fizzy.

Salesman said it had a clean carfax, but was unwilling to provide it.

Also, the passenger side airbag cover was protruding — by over an inch. The cover didn’t match the rest of the shade of black in the interior.


The airbag light was, of course, on.

“Why is the airbag light on?”


About 15 seconds of silence. And then he tried to actually close the driver’s door on me.


“I’m done. Thanks.”

Thanks for reading :D