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I Love ALL* Cars!!

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Cars are awesome, and each one has a purpose. H1, Lambo LM002, Tesla, Fisker Karma, Lincoln, Cadillac, Toyota... And when I say "all", I must clarify one thing:


I HATE the Prius. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I hate it more than a fat kid hates vegetables. It is the Rolls Royce of arrogant barista-like individuals, as in a way for a group to look down upon others because they don't drive one as well. This is coming from a guy that even sees the positives in the god darned PONTIAC AZTEC, for Christ sakes!!

There is not one ounce or iota of excitement in that car. It is genuinely soulless as a car can be. The only tingle a human being can get is when an ultra-mileage fanatic feathers the gas and succeeds in setting a new personal best in MPG on their way to the only bar in town that serves PBR.


I like electric cars, I like hybrids, diesels, gasoline engines, four/five/six/eight/ten/twelve/sixteen bangers. But I HATE THE STUPID PRIUS!!!

The prosecution rests, your honor.

BTW, who started this ridiculous "honesty" thing?

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