What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Just found this information video put out by FSM on the early production of the FIAT 126p! It’s in Polish, but lots of cool stuff to watch, regardless of whether you understand the language.


Fun fact, FIAT 126p production in Poland started (1973) around the same time Italian production started (1972) in Italy....in fact, part of the license agreement that allowed FSM to produce the cars was that they would help supply engines for the Italian 126s as well! The cars in this video would be early ‘ST’ 126s, which can easily be identified by their earlier-style wheels with a wider bolt pattern....the same rims and bolt pattern used by the older FIAT 500, in fact. :)

For the air-cooled cars, the ST came first, then the FL (1984), then EL (1994) and finally the ELX in 1997 (same as the EL, but with added catalytic converter). There was also the water-cooled BIS (1987). Polish production ended in 2000. This cool pixel art shows the different generations!

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