I love fab eyecandy!

I’ve searched around for different collectors that would meet what I was looking for to work with my upcoming changes to my exhaust setup. I found a guy on ebay that cut me a reasonable deal on a set of 3-1 merge collectors that had a venturi extension to try and keep velocity up.

1.5” primaries (wish they were 1.75s) to a 2.5” merge and then back up to 3” to meet up with my new true duals. Needless to say, this guy totally delivered. It was a bit spendy compared to others, but when I saw the fab quality, I decided it would be worth the shot.

Mike Davis of Davis Headers in Cali (eparts505 on e-bay) is the one who did these up:


For those not familiar with what I’m doing, this is a lightly overbored 3800 Series II V6 in a 2000 Firebird. Big cam, higher compression, big valve race ported heads and a lot of other fun bits that will be bound to make this car a screamer on the auto-x and road course.

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