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I love fuel injection.

Went to get my BMW out for the summer. The car cover blew off the car again over the winter. Check to make sure all the fluids are still in the car, throw in a hot battery, and this will fire up every time.

I don’t know how I managed to screw up this picture without noticing my finger in the preview.
How it looked in the fall when I put it away

I put the clutch in and shift to first, but as I let the clutch out I’m greeted with a scraping noise, wheel spin, and no forward movement, try reverse; wheel spin, forward again; wheel spin. Thinking that my front calipers have seized up, I get out of the car and try pushing and it rocks forward easily and after a bit of back and forth it rolls enough to see patches of ice preserved underneath the rear tires.

This is my trick stereo the iPod hides inside so thieves can’t see it.
Houndstooth FTW

It drove home beautifully. While there was a little bit of pad dragging on the rusty rotors none of the calipers were sticking, so maybe it wont be so bad to get it ready for BC Oppo cruise next month.

Things to do:


  • Inspect then clean or replace the brakes
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Adjust the valve clearances
  • Have the new tires installed and get an alignment
  • Replace the diff fluid


  • Replace the factory speakers as the front are blown out
  • Get the passenger side window working
  • Fix the hacked up antenna wiring


  • Polish, and wax?

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