Yes I still haven't brought a car and its mostly I think because of my love for cars. I had a list that was over 16 models long of cars I was looking at, ranging from Nissan Sentra SE-R's to Mini Coopers. But I've begun to narrow it down. But I realized I have a problem: I have a thing for high mileage cars that sometimes aren't known for stellar reliability. I'm talking 120k and above. But not over 160. I'm not crazy (though some of you may think I am with these examples I'm going to show.

See this beautiful 2004 Audi A8 L? Dealer wants 9 grand for it. Has a clean Carfax. Was serviced at only Audi dealers. But it has 155 thousand miles on it

And its one of the cars I want. I know, these can potentially be a nightmare, but its better than a last gen 7 Series right?

Or this 2007 Pontiac Solstice for 7 grand (no don't suggest a Miata. I ruled that out over a month or so ago) with 135 thousand miles on it.


It only had two owners and its a manual!


These are just two of my picks that Im looking at. There's one more but Im not too sure on it. But I have a problem and its loving cars so much that I wouldn't mind dealing with the repair bills that could ultimately come with driving vehicles with mileage like this (as long as its nothing major of course.).

But these two, these are the lesser of two evils I say, even though I had read on the Solstice forums that the Kappa twins are pretty bullet proof. The only thing I have heard about last gen A8's is the horrors of getting them repaired because of the aluminum body and electrical gremlins. I just come here though for you guys to give me advice and guidance, so give it to straight. No bull. Which one.