Well not a plan per se, but when something finally happens that you are extremely happy/grateful for. My dad and grandpa came over and helped me clean the backyard, since the previous owners apparently haven’t touched it in years. [edited because kinja]

Below is a pic Where the non-dead, green grass is; all of it was full of tree saplings, foot long grass ( I’m not even exaggerating here), fallen timber, etc. I personally took a trimmer and cut it all down since it was too high for the mower.

On a hunch/whim, I told them to clear it until the hill drops ( I live on a big hill). They cleared at least 20’ of brush! It actually looks like I have a back yard now!

It still needs some work, but it looks 10x nicer now. We are going to need to relocate the fire pit though, I believe it’s right above the septic field (ah, country living...). Still, house ownership is exhausting but I love the results!