I love junkyards

Two trips in two days, so far I’ve found a lot of what I need. Some other stuff is marginal, so I didn’t get it yet.... And why do people destroy decent parts?


My friends 17yo daughter has a 2004 Sonata with a cloth interior. Her boyfriend put a car battery on the back seat, which managed to leak acid all over the seat, the cloth is fucked. Lucky I found a 2004 Optima with leather. Nice leather, good condition. Except someone tatted them up with a sharpie. Oh, and I confirmed that the Optima and Sonata are structurally identical, and the seats are a bolt-in swap.

My take: xj rear bumper and bumperetts, zj V8 sway bar and drag link, and a xj rear carpet kit.

Still need from a yard: Tiburon front seats, WJ rear seats.


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