I’ve had my TSX for 5 months (although I barely drove it the entire month of June due to very VERY bad tires and various trips). So far I’ve put over 4000 miles on it and have loved all of them (just rolled over 192k). 4k miles may not sound like much, but I only drove my Lexus 3500 miles in the full year I owned that, so I’ve driven over twice as much in less than half the time. It’s just a fun car to drive and the only repairs I’ve done have been new tires (and a patch for one after I got a little too zealous on a gravel road), fixing a cruise control button (for free) and cosmetics which all total up to $425. That’s a huge difference from my Lexus, which cost me $1600 in repairs alone. My Acura has been problem free and simply a joy to own. So far I’m $4425 into it, or around about what the car is worth according to KBB.

Here’s to many more miles and many more smiles!