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I love my car, but I need to figure out this rumbling noise...

So, had the E46 back in the shop a week or so ago to hopefully (finally) diagnose the “subwoofer-esque” noise I’m heading at 55-60 MPH. It’s not a vibration, it’s a deep HMMMMMMMM, which is what’s making it difficult.

Here’s a quick pic I got over the weekend driving around with a friend-

Illustration for article titled I love my car, but I need to figure out this rumbling noise...

The shop took a look and said it’s likely the other 2 bent wheels. At this point, I’ve had all 4 wheels re-rounded & repaired. It drives smooooth for sure, but this noise is still there.

After getting it back, and on the highway, the noise appeared to be GONE! But then came back 10 or so miles later, so I’m stumped.


It’s not really affected by power on, so I’m thinking that maybe it’s the tires. they ARE 8 years old, with very little mileage, so it’s possible they become de-rounded when not driven for a while... Right?

Either that, or I know the front rotors are a little warped and should probably be replaced. The shop said they checked the guibo & that it’s not the CSB, but I have a feeling there’s no way they actually removed the exhaust & heat shield to check the CSB. I bought a jack and jack stands to do this myself, but it’s cold & snowy here in NYC.

Maybe suspension? It’s got 80k on it, and has seen a few potholes, so maybe it’s time to replace?

I’m only hoping it’s not the rear U-Joint, because in these cars that means replacing the entire driveshaft, which from what I’ve found looks like a hell of an expensive part.


I love driving this car, I just need to figure this issue out.


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