I love my cobalt

No this is not mine in the video But story inside

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Through the past 2 years and 3 months I have had the plasure of owning a 2008 Cobalt SS TC....This car has been the biggest pain in the ass.....I've replaced everything aside from the transmission (which I fear may be on its way out)...It's cost me loads money, weeks and months of waiting for parts or waiting to get it fixed or waiting for it to just run properly...But its all worth it. The car is so one off and weird and frankenstein that it shouldn't even really exist...The engine is out of a car that isn't even sold in the states, a 2012 Opel Astra OPC. Which means occasionally parts I need are a pain in the ass to find.

The car grabs attention because no one expects a rental car to be as fast as it is, it is in fact "just a cobalt" But it has beaten countless cars that it shouldn't have. From Mustangs to WS6 TA's to built Evos and Subarus. I've had BMW M series cars struggling to pull away from me.


Now for the past year this car has been a nightmare, endless Check engine lights, random little glitches, minor to major annoyances. I finally have the car semi dialed and I have missed this. Able to actually do a pull to redline without so much as a hiccup. I am no longer worried about taking it out on longer drives and having to have a tow truck ready to come and save me.

I can actually enjoy driving, and that is what car ownership and being an enthusiast is all about, owning something you cherish and love, and enjoy taking it out on the road and just cruising around in it. Or taking it to a track day Just enjoying what you have.


The long nights, tiring days, empty bank accounts, and skinned knuckles are all worth it in the end.

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