Strange words, I know. Bet you never thought a Jalop would say such a thing, but folks, my local Honda dealership is amazing.

So last night, I found some pretty disturbing news, that my two-month old car battery was reading less than one volt. Earlier today, I got the car jump-started and headed over to the dealership for my 2:00 appointment. I requested a full electrical system diagnostics.

Now, this is the second time I’m visiting this dealership. The same service rep greets me, talks about the job, then he takes my car and I head over to the waiting area. During the process, they come in, sit down with you, and go over- in detail- what they’re doing and what they’re finding. Then, after everything is done, he sat down next to me, and told me everything that the mechanics had found during the diagnostics. I mean everything. They gave me a long list of everything. It’s amazing how thorough these guys are. Their conclusion was the AC relay sticking on.

Not only did they check the entire electrical system, but they recharged my dead battery, free of charge.


What really made this dealer feel different from the other dealers I’ve been to, this one didn’t feel like a business trying to be profitable. It felt like they cared more about customer satisfaction than making money.

This was supposed to be a $95 dollar job, but he lopped off $5, bringing it down to $90.

To celebrate my savings, I picked up a new dome light.


An LED one at that!

I’m now in-tune with the times. I feel so young and spunky.