As most of you know, I took a role in September as a road adjuster or “roadie” as we call them. I went to a house fire this morning and the first thing I saw was an old Datsun. My first words to the insured were “wow! Nice Datsun!” I did my thing relating to the fire and then we hung out for about 10-15 minutes around the car while he showed me the Porsche Brembos, engine swap, turbocharger and suspension upgrades. We chatted about upcoming autocross events and track days. When I left, he said that maybe he’d see me at the track this Spring (first race is in April).

I usually try to talk to my insureds and even claimants (people who have been injured by my insureds) about cars if I eyeball something in their driveway. 


I talked to an older gentlemen who had been allegedly injured by my insured’s product one time. He had been a drag racer out east and built racecars for most of his life. He brought out photo albums, showed me his old cars pictures and we chatted for a while. In the end, the claim was minimal, he just wanted his injury costs covered and that was it. No pain and suffering, no additional expenses. I strongly believe that the time spent talking about racing brought that claim to a quick resolution that benefited everyone. 

Cars are a fantastic way to bond with people who have experienced loss and a way to humanize myself the “claims adjuster” to the people I deal with. 

Not only that, but I spend most of my day driving around places in BC that I would never otherwise go in my entire life. I see interesting things, listen to music and podcasts. It’s fantastic. Even in a Kia Forte.

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