I love my kid

Sometimes it's easy to forget that your toddler isn't just saying random things, but there is meaning behind each word. Like someone who doesn't know your native language. Case in point.

During dinner last night, while eating turkey tacos, my daughter says "dada!" I looked at her, slightly annoyed because she always does this during dinner. And earlier she refused to touch her dinner unless she had a spoon. Yes Oppo, she wanted a spoon, for turkey tacos....a finger food *sigh*. Of course after we give her one, she proceeded to not eat her dinner and play around with her food. But I digress.


As always, I faithfully respond with "Yes?" She then says something like "ah da ma .....", then screams "AHHHHH!!!" And I just stood stunned, because I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Earlier in the week, ztp jr and I facetimed my mom. My mom asked for "kisses" and my adorably stubborn daughter said "no". I told her "yes". We kept going back and forth, getting louder and louder til we were yelling at each other, all in good fun of course. It was a blast for both of us, and my mom found it humorous.

I don't understand my daughter too much, as I'm still trying to translate her baby talk. My wife is better at it than I am. But it's a nice reminder than she is getting older, smarter, and learning. Watching a child grow up is a fascinating experience, and ztp jr is my kid, so it's special to me.

So afterwards I gave her a hug and kiss, then waited ten minutes and ate her dinner. She wasn't happy about that, but she wasn't going to eat it anyways.

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