I Love My New Valets!

I just moved into a new full-service building in San Francisco. Which is basically great, except all parking has to be done with 24 hour valets. Before I moved in, I brought over my Lincoln and explained that while I have a few nice cars, this is the only one I really care about that is irreplaceable (the E9 doesn’t ever park here), and that they should be extra careful with it. They agreed to park it in a special spot away from where most of the car moving gets done. I also tipped (bribed) the crap out of them.

Fast forward to last Saturday. I hadn’t driven the Lincoln in 2 weeks and planned to take some folks up to Napa. I called down and when I got the car it had scratches all over the passenger doors. (Fortunately nothing through the paint.)


I didn’t get mad at the valet who delivered the car since it was clear he didn’t know anything. But I am super frustrated that, sometime in the last 2 weeks, someone damaged my car and then handed it back hoping I wouldn’t notice. Because of course once you drive out of the building, you did it yourself. I know how these things work.

They have agreed to pay for me to get it fixed exactly as I see fit (and that will likely be expensive), and any machine can be fixed, but how do I trust that they are being careful with my other cars now, and would disclose problems that occur?



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