But sometimes I'm a terrible person and deliberately mispronounce words when I speak. The other day my wife accidentally picked up one of my mispronounced words and asked for the "kwin-OH-ah" salad with black beans," at a restaurant. Then she kicked me under the table when the waitress corrected her.
Some of my favorites:

Quinoa "kwin-OH-ah"
Ithaca "eye-THACK-ah"
Chipotle: "chah-TOE-pull"
Titleist: "TIT-liced"
Jalapeno "Jah-LAP-en-oh" or "HAJJ-ah-PEE-no"
Oregano: "or-GAN-ah-toe"

There are others that I don't remember right off the bat, too, but sometimes other people pick up the habit.