6 months to pay without interest! Hell yes.

I was about to order wheels for the Miata last week, then I kinda broke the Benz so the $$ had to go there (more to cone on that). I went back to look at the wheels again, and they were on sale this week. I cursed my Benz, then I noticed the little PayPal logo. Put it on credit and pay it off next month, or the month after, or even 6 months down the line (I wouldn’t go that far) with no penalties or interest!

Anywho, These nice wheels, along with a set of NT05's are en’route to me for the Miata. (same wheels,different color on a similar NB).

I will also be selling the 16"s that are currently on the car, so if anyone is interested let me know. They are Drag DR-16 with Yokahoma S-drives 205 ply. No rash, some hard water spots from the PO that I assume can be polished out, I just never tried.