But Pontiac also made many bad or silly cars. Like this Bonneville, which is one of GM’s laziest badge engineering jobs.

The first time I saw one I thought it was homemade. That’s clearly a Buick LeSabre/Olds 88.

Lots of people love to make fun of the Aztek for being ugly, but do you remember it’s successor?

Neither does anyone else.

I dare you to name this Equinox sibling without resorting to google.


Then there was the 5th gen Grand Am. I’m not sure why, but these cars fill me with contempt.

Then somebody thought it’d be a good idea to slap a “Ram Air” hood on it without adding any other sporty credentials.


Then there was its replacement, the uglier Opel Vectra G6.

In base form, it was offensively boring.


In convertible form, it looked like an afterthought hack job.

and in GXP form... it looked like the deformed love child of Cyrano de Bergerac and the ugly stick.


Then there was the Montana, why did they even bother to not try.


Especially as a follow up to the radical, and somewhat awesome, “dust buster” Trans Sport.

So damn majestic

And finally, the Sunfire convertible.


I just feel rage.