I’m on my seventh used oil analysis report for my two cars now, and I can never do without them at this point. I love being able to get answers to questions like, “Do I need to change my oil filter more often because it looks like crap?” Or “is this additive package alright, is it making a difference?”

The first one is my MKVI Golf with 55k miles on it now. And the one below is from my 2000 Mercedes C230 Kompressor which I did a valve job on about 8k miles ago thanks to a tiny coolant leak.

I also love having proof that my engines are doing better under my care than someone else with the exact same engine 9you can see that proof at the right under “universal averages” which includes oil reports from people with the same engine.

Any UOA fans on Oppo?

Anyone looking to be this obsessive, or just care more for your car, you can request free sample kits from Blackstone. I am not affiliated with them at all, I just like their services.