On thursday, the Raider is going to my mechanic to get all the fluids changed, and for a general rundown of what he thinks I should do to make the truck run better. It’s supposed to rain on thursday, which was a problem. The windshield wipers weren’t working on the Raider, neither was the rear wiper. I know they worked prior to it sitting, and the fuses were fine. This made me think the motors were seized from sitting, so I turned the wipers on, and manually cycled them a few times. After I felt the motors trying to move them, I lifted them off the windshield, and let them run for a while until they were moving smoother and up to full speed. Put them back on the glass, and now they’re working fine. Same with the rear wiper, I just had to hold it off the glass since the spare tire doesn’t leave enough room for the arm to fold out all the way. Now I have functioning wipers, and don’t have to reschedule the appointment, so I think I can call today a success. Now the only electric issue is the gas gauge that only reads properly above 3/4 of a tank.