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I Love The Lambo That You Love To Hate

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BOOM. The LM002. It's glorious, and I don't care if you think otherwise. I call it "The 1980s Arabian Panty Dropper".


I prefer it in Lipstick Red, but considering the theme o' the day, I'll take this sand color instead. Look at those headlights!! That "boxy is the new curvy" design! It looks like there should be jet engines attached to dat ass.

But some of you clowns decide to hate. "Oh, but Patrick, it's unreliable!", or "Pat, it's a dumb SUV that's stupid!" You know what? It has a Countach engine. It's designed to go balls out on sand dunes. SAND DUNES. However, do you really want to know why I love it? I mean, LOVE IT love it?


Because a car guy will immediately know what it is, and the ladies want to climb in (ladies, plural. You can't do that legally in an Aventador). Plus, I had a poster of it on my wall as a kid.

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