I don't know if this has been posted before but if not what cars would you buy for $25,000 and they have to serve all your needs?

My list:

My basic do everything vehicle: 2004 Subaru Forester XT - $7,995

This thing hauls. You can haul the family, you can haul your stuff, and you can haul ass.

Next is my fun classic car: 1974 Triumph TR6 - $5,999


It's a proper British roadster for $6k! It gets my love of all things old wood and leather plus my need for a momentum car.

Next is my city bound street fighter: 1992 Ford Festiva with a BP motor - $2500


This one probably needs at least a clutch if not a new transmission so I'll budget an extra $1,000 for that. If you have never driven a tiny hatchback in dense city traffic in anger then you are missing out. If you have then I don't need to explain this choice.


Next up is the truck: 1981 GMC Sierra stepside with wood bed - $4500


It's a classic GM stepside with a wood bed for $4500 (make an offer asking $4800) I love it.

Last I was going to get a big American land yacht. And then I found this instead:

1962 AMC Rambler - $2,995


I love everything about this from the fact it's an AMC and that it's a Rambler, to the odd ball paint, to the pinstripes, to the Mexican poncho seat cover.

That's my list for $25k, what's yours?