Items that can turn into other items are awesome. I have a coffee table that turns into a dining table, a bed that turns into a couch (not the other way around, you dolt), a car that turned into a driveway fixture and yesterday I picked up a desk that turns into a 7' real dining table! This is a huge boon because my dining room is small / doubles as a bar most times. Check this shit out, homps!

First it's a desk!

Then it's a goddamned dining table!

I got it for 'bout free-fiddy on Craigslist. Was built in the late '50s by Saginaw Furniture Shops. It's an Extensol desk (awesome name bee tee dubs) and only needs minor repair! Hell of a find for free, considering people pay upwards of $400 for these things. So now I have a desk and a dining table in my dining room. Now I guess I have to clean the dining room so we can actually use it.