I love this car too

I always post about the Sunchaser, but I am going take a moment to sing the praises of my 2015 Infiniti Q70L. I bought it new, and have put 33000 miles on it, so I think I’m qualified. I drove it 120 miles to Hollister this morning through a horrible storm to clear up a misunderstanding with the traffic court.


I really like the center stack’s gaudiness, lots of buttons and shiny stuff. Navigation and infotainment is way better than my wife’s Toyota Sienna.

I have usually gravitated to coupes and lighter, sportier cars. Before this, I had an Infiniti G37S coupe (62000 miles in 3 years), and before that I had a 2005 RX-8 GT (160,000 miles in 7 years). But driving all over California the way I do, I decided to get a big luxury sedan. Infiniti offered the most car at the price I got. Having the Sunchaser helps. So far, I love it and it is the perfect long distance vehicle. It weathered some nasty conditions well today.


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