This is Bag Barn’s shop truck. And I fell in love with it the second I first saw it.

Driven Vancouver 2017
Photo: RvDTMedia
Illmotion Sunday School 2015 Calgary
Photo: RvDTMedia
Driven 2013 Calgary
Photo: RvDTMedia

It is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I thought I would share a couple pictures of a singular truck that I have taken over the years and amongst many other far more important things, I am thankful that I keep finding gems like this truck in front of my lens’s. Three different cameras, one in 2013, 2015, and 2017, the top pic being most recent, and bottom being the oldest. I like to look at these three shots in particular as an indication of progress, and a lesson to never forget your polarizer filter. Shout out to Bag Barn as well, they do excellent work and they located here in greater Vancouver area.

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