I love walking New Orleans

I’m a Chicagoland kid, who has lived in Minnesota, California, Colorado, and most recently Missouri. But, New Orleans is quickly rising to the top of my list of favorite cities, reaching par with New York, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Miata is not the answer—a Miata in the Garden District of New Orleans is the answer.
Photo: Self

When I travel for work, I’m a creature of habit. I typically stay in the warehouse district and on my first night in town, I walk along Tchoupitoulas Street and Magazine Street to get a burger and beer at The Bulldog in Uptown.


Walking through the Garden District and Uptown is amazing. Louisiana really is an amazing place.

This gem of a Chevy was parked in front of Molly’s Rise & Shine, which is a cafe with a really good breakfast.

I love Chicago and often hope to return home. I also love the life I currently have here in St. Louis City, and may never leave. But, New Orleans is a city I could definitely embrace and forget about the other two. And all three are connected by the 55 expressway.

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