While playing FSX on my ASRock Deskmini, Madame DeLorean got an idea to build me a rig that could play VR and X-Plane 11. Enter this monster...



Case - Corsair Spec-Omega RGB

RAM - Patriot Dual Channel 16GB

PSU - Thermaltake 650W RGB Modular PSU

MB - Gigabyte H370M D3H

SSD - M.2 Samsung Evo 250 GB

HDD - A random 1TB I have laying around.

GPU - MSI RTX 2070

CPU - i3-8100 quad core. (We know this is a potential bottleneck, Fry’s was low on options so we chose the only thing they had that didn’t add another several hundred to the build. I’ll upgrade this at a later date.)

Build log to come soon! This is the best Christmas present ever, love! <3

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