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I’m a little ticked at NewEgg right now

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Last month I ordered this watch for $19.99. The reviews weren’t great, but I liked the mostly analog nature of it, and figured it would be fine for me if I just got notification of incoming calls and texts since we weren’t allowed to look at our phones whilst on duty. I figured that the app might be a little better than what you get with the cheap Chinese semi-smart watches. I would have preferred a black band over the brown one it came with, but I jumped at this given the low price without looking to see if it was available with a different band.


As was somewhat expected for an HP refurb, it didn’t work. I sent it back for a replacement but that took forever since they freaked out that I had sent two RMAs in the same box, clearly labeled as such on the outside of the box; the heavy item (this watch) was prepaid and the lightweight item was at my expense, but they were going to exactly the same location so I put them in the same box - so sue me...

I got the refund on the lightweight item. They said they’d send me another watch, but today I received a message saying that they were out of stock and would be sending me a refund. They were out of stock on the one with the brown band but still have stock on the ones with the black band so I asked them to send me one of those instead. Their answer?


Nope, sorry, company policy - can’t change items.

So what if it has a different SKU - it’s the same watch at the same price, but with a different band. Do you really want to piss off a customer that has literally spent several thousand dollars with you over the last few decades over a $20 watch? I’m not asking for anything free, just a working version of what I bought. I wouldn’t care if it had a neon yellow or a pink band - just send me the watch.

Am I asking for too much here? Or is this just the standard response of a low-level CS drone that is unable to think outside of the limitations of their job? And why am I not surprised that there isn’t an email option to communicate with someone in authority that can make what should be a simple override. You sold me defective merchandise. I want the item I ordered, even if the cosmetics are slightly different. Hell, when Target ran out of the $39 vacuum that I came in to buy they gave me the $58 one for the same price. I didn’t ask for that - they just offered it. And when Wendy’s ran out of chili seasoning they offered me a free cup of chili on my next visit, but instead comped my entire meal, a totally unexpected surprise. I just want one $20 HP watch in place of another $20 HP watch - nothing free or extra.

You’re probably asking why I don’t just place an order for the same thing? Well, they raised the price on both from $19.99 to $87.99, so I can’t just take my refund a re-order, and I’m certainly not going to pay a cent over $20 for this watch.


Some places need to re-think their attitudes. There is one place online where I used to buy a lot of Mac equipment, but they dicked me around when it came to replacing an item under warranty after offering to help and so I now shop elsewhere. And there was a town near me that I used to go to frequently for food, shopping and entertainment, but their overzealous police enforcement and artificially low speed limits has caused me to bypass that area entirely, even if it means a longer drive. Lots of lost tax revenue, and let me tell you, I have no plans to look for real estate anywhere near there now. Save a nickel but lose a dollar (although not a cent in NewEgg’s case) - if these places are incapable of seeing the bigger picture, well, fuck ‘em and let them go out of business...

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