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I’m bored

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And when I get bored things get expensive. Not new car expensive, but more than I should probably be spending. All of these items were markdows/returns or on sale at Micro Center, so therefore relatively affordable, plus there was an additional $20 discount for buying a MB and CPU together, even with returns.


After years of i7s (870, 2600, 3770 and 3770K) I somewhat reluctantly stepped down to an i5. The performance difference between the 9600K and the i7 9700 were minimal, didn’t justify a price nearly twice that of the 9600K, and can probably be made up with a little overclocking.

I was thinking Ryzen for this build but the competition with Intel plus the recent release of the 10th generation chips made this CPU a bargain. I could have saved a little more by going with a 9400F, but I prefer unlocked chips. The 10600K was considerably more expensive but the performance was only marginally better. I think I hit the sweet spot with this chip, and can always upgrade later.


I’m sticking with 32GB of RAM, this time in just two DIMMs. I’ll have a couple of RAM slots left over in case I decide to add more later. You think you have enough, but it’s never enough. 23 years ago some know-it-all bypassed the IT department I worked in and put a massive 80MB in his company computer. It seemed like overkill - our servers didn’t even have that much - but now that amount is laughable. Hell, it would be a laughable amount in a damn watch these days (my older Apple Watch has 512MB).

The old Cooler Master Sniper case, piles of SSDs and GTX 1080 will carry over to the new build. Like my car, when you find something that you like and that works well for you, you see no need to change it out. I have no need for RGB and glass in my builds, so this old stuph will be fine.


My folding performance probably won’t change much since I’ll be using the same GPUs. I disabled folding on the CPU, but maybe with this new chip it might be worth re-enabling it.

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