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I was in a hotel room last week and wanted to listen to a baseball game. I didn’t want to watch, because I had other things to do at the same time. The hotel room radio only had FM band reception. I searched the phonternet for affiliate stations of the local team and tried to tune the nearest FM station related to them and found static due to distance, not the game due to format change, or just the limitation of the cheapest made room radio at hand. Although it had input for an apple only product, which gave me the idea of streaming the game or radio station affiliated that way.


Streaming on the phone? MLB owns all streaming rights of their games and any station affiliate is not allowed to stream it. However you can do so if you pay for the premium streaming access on your chosen app. I relented to the tv, but it was blacked out in my area in efforts to get me to go to the game. Yeah, no I’m working.

So I just bought a really good travel radio. Why? Because what was easily available and paid for with limited commercials, is now getting locked up through paywalls and mass manufacturing judgement. Shit components that can’t receive anything broadcast. If you think we have unlimited choices in today’s world, we are mistaken. Given the first dose, now it’s put behind the counter and we’re gonna have to pay.


Im earning my curmudgeon card slowly, but I have a good reason to be disappointed in out a/v choices today. I’m limited today in what I had no problem accessing yesterday. I will not allow that. I had access to the shortwave world in my youth had heard amazing music shows and interviews/news in other countries. I do not have that now without employing an increasing controlled internet. It may be a big pipe, the not everyone has a say in it anymore. It stonewalled me. This is my finger to them.

One good disaster and the shortwave/noaa/am radio guys will be the only ones near you with an answer. Am I paranoid? Not really, I’m just that 10% who refuse a net based way of information to be the only way.

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