I’m driving a TRIUMPH this week!

Triumph 190DC boat specifically.

And i have to say... compared to my Honda Fit, the driving dynamics and fuel economy are terrible. I drove this boat about 3 hours so far and it used at least 75L of fuel. And the thing handles like a boat and the brakes are non-existent!!! LOL


This boat was new around 2002. Has a Johnson-Suzuki 90hp 4 cyl 4 stroke engine with fuel injection.

It’s a big improvement over the boat I used last year which was a bit smaller, was at least a decade older and had a Mercury 60 hp 2 stroke 3 cylinder engine.

The newer boat gets up to planing speed much more easily and quickly. I had 6 people in the boat and was still able get to planing and hit around 50km/h.

The old boat wouldn’t hit planing speed at all with 6 people in it... meaning I would be running at full power and barely be going faster than a light jogging pace.


It’s also much smoother and quieter than the old Mercury-powered boat.

Handles waves at speed better as well.

There are some issues though.

The horn and the fuel gauge don’t work. And the throttle control feels a little loose and doesn’t inspire confidence.


The owners just bought this boat recently (comes with a cottage I’m renting). They said they were gonna get the issues fixed soon.

I hope they got a really good deal on this thing because I wouldn’t have bought it with something as important as the fuel gauge not working.


I make sure to keep an extra 25L can of fuel with me as a result (in addition to the 10L can of spare fuel the boat comes with)

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