I’m happy it went to a good home.

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Photo: in Daddy’s Rocket Sled

If this sentence from HHFP doesn’t sum up the Oppo/Jalop mentality, I’m not sure what does. We really do have feelings about these machines, what they have meant for us and our families, thankful for the fun times and their service to us. Clearly, it’s not on the same level as a pet, but we want these inanimate objects to “live a good life” if and when they leave our homes, to be used well, taken care of, and enjoyed, not abused or neglected or left taking up space in the corner of some pristine garage.


Godspeed, little wake boat...

I’ve owned my car for 8 years now, and have had so many incredible experiences with it along the way. Driving it to work this morning, it’s just as special feeling as it was when I took it out for that first test drive. I know it’s probably not in the cards to keep this car forever, but just the thought of moving on is kind of hard. If and when it happens, I hope she goes to a good home — one where she’ll get plenty of regular exercise, one with little kids that will beg to ride in Daddy (or Mommy)‘s “fast car”.



Feel free to share a story about a machine you had, or will have, similar feelings to when letting go (or alternately, one that you hated so much you wanted to send off a cliff and watch it burn to the ground - LOL).


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