As you folks have seen, I️ spot a lot of cars during my travels. Usually excitement is the only emotion evoked, but with this car things were different. The car I️ found tonight, parked just a mile or so from my campus and looking only slightly worse for wear, was my beloved old 2001 Audi A8L, the infamous Wunderbarge. I️ thought for sure that being a flood write-off, this car would be parted out and then ultimately scrapped. Part of me wonders if the new owner knew the car had been flooded, but I’m mostly just ecstatic to see it still on the road. The owner came and got in it before I️ left. I️ almost wanted to say something, but instead I️ just enjoyed the sweet sound of the de-catted exhaust roar into life one last time, and watched my gorgeous old Q-Ship glide off into the night. The feels, man.