I’m now driving for Über Ëäts (now with extra Umlauts)

Today was my first day driving for Uber Eats. My GTI’s a two-door, so I can’t drive for regular Uber or Lyft.


I have near-crippling credit card debt between myself and my wife. It’s not like we bought tvs or leather couches, we just used our credit cards to buy groceries and gas or repairs to cars; next thing you know, $100 here and there becomes $500-$1000, and then your $12,000 limit is maxed out.


So, instead of complaining about it and getting bummed out about things, I started looking for a second job. I figured I’d do the Uber Eats thing until a steady second job comes up, like retail or customer service.

I made two drives earlier, one of them stiffed me on a tip. Bunch of goddamn savages in this town.

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