I’m still upset

I’ll never stop being disappointed about Elio motors. Such a simple idea. Ruined by legality. There’s a possibility that in the next five months my 2 miles commute will turn into a 30 mile commute and if that were the case I would love a car that got 70 mpg with a full warranty. I really feel bad for the people who threw their hard earn cash at this company to reserve a car that will never be made. I was reminded of this today because 4 years ago today I shared a Jalopnik arrival about the Elio on Facebook.

They wasted do much time and energy into getting it legally registered as a car rather than a motorcycle. I think they should have just went into production and told the people in states with a helmet law to either wear one or deal with the rist of getting a ticket. In my home state of Wisconsin it wouldn’t have been an issue because we don’t have a helmet law anyway. Kind of funny the state will force you to wear a seat belt, but not wear a helmet on a motorcycle.

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