Discounts seem pretty hefty, and they certainly look nice in pictures. I’ve yet to see one in person. My driving needs are evolving. I’m spending more time on the road lately, and just want to see if something along the lines of the TourX might fit the bill a little better than (gulp) the Taco.

I wouldn’t call trading in the truck highly likely at this point. What’s more likely to happen is that my wife’s Grand Cherokee gets driven more frequently than the truck. Regardless, with a few numbers that I’ve looked at, trading in the truck would leave me with roughly the same balance on a new loan that I have now. Note I said balance, not payment. IF I were to move on from the truck, I would only do so by either lowering or maintaining my current vehicle debt load/balance.


I usually don’t go drive things, however, unless I’m semi-serious. Anyone have similar suggestions in this price range (high 20s, low 30s) of a similar vehicle? Spacious, room for hockey goalie gear, and a comfy cruiser. Semi decent fuel economy wouldn’t hurt, but not a deal breaker. My other thought was a Gold Alltrack, but I think those may be a little small. Still worth a look, I’m guessing