And by “made a Chrome extension” I really mean “adapted some code from random generous people on the internet.” It’s called Fireari (creative, I know) and it replaces “Ferrari” with “Blacksmith”, along with some other model names. Inspiration from this article.


1) download this .CRX file (no viruses, I promise! If you don’t trust me, download from Github and follow these instructions instead.)
2) enter “chrome://extensions” in Chrome’s address bar
3) enable Developer Mode on the top right
4) drag and drop the “Fireari.CRX” file onto the page
5) confirm the installation, voila

Things I’d like to add

- On/off toggle (I Google’d started this but I couldn’t figure it out, any programmers on here that could help?)


- Maybe an options page (same issue as above)



Any issues/suggestions, let me know!