I made a list of the things I could think of while not paying attention to class

Government mandated class to be able to get an asbestos professional state license. Less on that, I have a long list of things to do and my goal is Moab or Colorado for kids spring break (week leading up to st. Patrick’s Day)

The sketch is from memory the rocker guards I used to have and how I’m going to use a L bracket I pulled out of the scrap dumpster at work.


Above is said metal and if I haven’t mentioned, I got my axles Back from Axleboy, the 4WD jeep shop, so they look good. Time to make an order for things on list (O-rings, gas hatch struts, plate light, por-15)

Need to research the por-15 to see what temps I can apply and let dry.

I really want to put a pumpkin back on my pumpkin of the rear axle because I had it on my Dana 44 cover and was neat. Not sure how I’ll do it with the 3rd member 9” rear with por-15.


I have bad handwriting. Not my best skill set. 

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