So its that time of year when we college kids get to take large tests that are worth way too much of our grade on things that will not matter to us in 3 weeks. EXAMS!! The level of stress being as high as it is i relish the time i can spend relaxing for any length of time. Being a bit of a nerd (and an engineer) i decided to do some cadding and dig through the archives of cad models ive created over the years and i found this:

I started this project a long time ago (sophomore year of highschool) and worked on it for about a week in my engineering design class... then had to work on other projects that actually mattered for my grade. This is a one-off design with the front wing being loosely based on the Red Bull of the time. (dont remember what)

Here is a detail of the front wing:


I didnt really know what i was doing at the time (now i have much more experience) but it looks fast so it probably is right?? Im still working on my STAR CCM+ skills and until then i wont know if/how much downforce it may/may not make.

Im probably gonna start a redesign sometime in the future so any feedback would be appreciated. Also a link to the cad of the front wing:…