Sick of having groceries and other small items sliding around in the back of my truck, I wanted to make a cargo divider that would keep smaller things in the back near the tailgate, plus be easy to remove.

Its SUPPOSED to look like I spent $0 making it, because I did

I had an old long pallet lying around at work, so once I measured it and found it would fit dang near perfectly, I cut it in half lengthwise, so that it would fit just below the top of the bed rails


I then pulled the slightly shorter boards from the half of the pallet I wasn’t using, and nailed them on to this side to fill the gaps. I was not concerned with perfection. Just function. I even reused the nails.

I had some old hooks lying around that we used to hang bikes from in the garage, and am using them to hang grocery bags from. I’m not 100% sold on them so I might change them out or find a better solution.


I added some boards to the top ends to allow me to clamp it to the bed rails, added some foam tape to keep the wood from scratching the paint, and test fit it.


Using 2 C-clamps to hold it in seems to work fine, I can add two more if I need to for larger heavier loads. But as-is it does pretty well. The hooks need to be a little higher to properly hold a grocery bag, but for now they do fine to keep them from shifting around the bed or spilling over.