One thing I’ve always wanted to do but never have us make a skateboard wheel shift knob. So today was the day.

I’ve had this old Powell wheel laying around a long time, like 10 years. Technically it’s a roller skate wheel, I bought a set of roller skates at a garage sale for 3 bucks and put one set on my 87 Caballero, board this beauty. Wheels also pictured. That’s my old Civic too.

Aaaany way. I grabbed one wheel from the back up set and headed to the hardware store. My original plan was just to put a nut on each side, but that didn’t work because there wasn’t enough threads on the rod. (Something something rod not long enough). But I went to L&M and found these cool split ring collars.It was 7 bucks but all in all I spent 10 bucks on this. That’s counting two nuts, and a bunch of washers that I didn’t use. Notbad.jpeg


Then I just put the nut in and tightened it until it was snug. I did adjust the height a few times so that the top of the rod would be flush with the top of the nut, just like you would with a skateboard wheel/axel nut. It just worked out that the 19mm nut was the right size to fit in the wheel but tight enough that when you turn the wheel you turn the nut.


Obligatory tools in the passenger side footwell.

Also to any Mk1 Guys, is that gauge cluster factory? Obviously that oil pressure gauge isn’t. But the three in the cluster are Volts, a Vacuum gauge for some reason, and a temp gauge that is in Cels.