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I made a thing

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It’s a rack for holding rolls of printed vinyl as they feed into a laminating machine. The machine has a way to do this on its own, but we use that feed position for a kraft paper backing. Also, loading the workpiece from the included roll is a total PITA. The manufacturer makes a machine that has this built in, but it was way more expensive than the steel and casters.


It’s pretty beefy. The rectangular tubing is 2x3x3/16 and the round pipe is 1.5" ID schedule 40. It’s 66" wide so that it’ll accept a 64" roll of vinyl. It weighs a bit over 100 pounds. It’s overbuilt but it matches the other stuff in the print shop. I finished the welding this evening. Some of the welds are... not awesome. I’ll be running the angle grinder tomorrow night to make it presentable under a coat of rattle can matte black.

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