My house is 1978 vintage with a two car garage. The lighting is also 1978 vintage and it sucks. Basically go two fixtures running down the middle. I like to work on the cars with the doors open and wanted lighting near the opening. What to do?

The heart of the problem was how do I suspend lights below the open doors and hardware while mantaining headroom? After some searching of the Internet I stumbled across the idea of using steel wall studs. And some garage door mounting L channels with the predrilled holes. I tied drop downs made from the Ls with nuts and bolts and then mounted the steel studs horizontally the length of the garage. The actual cross members that the lights attach to are held to the other horizontal members with little C clamps so I can move things around. Surprisingly, it is all sturdy! I experiment a bit with lightweight chain and that went poorly. Using the studs was thr way to go.

Electrically, I had a ceiling plug I could use. I zip tied an extension chord down to the top of the studs and plugged in. I secured all the light fixture lights with zip ties as well. It all worked.

I figure this setup will allow me to move the lights forward and aft in the garage depending on what I need. I can also double up on lights on one side of needed.